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Although the Spanish Association of the Bed recommends replacing mattresses before the age of 10 for the benefit of healthy rest, its durability is conditioned by factors such as good use and maintenance. Factors where we have a lot to say and do.

There are several activities that help us not only to keep the mattress in the best conditions during its useful life but also to hold it without losing its comfort. Follow the below mattress cleaning and maintenance useful tips.

Mattress Maintenance

For the mattress to stay in good condition, it is important to follow a series of activities throughout the years of use so that its wear is uniform. We may not be able to significantly extend its useful life, but we will be given a quality rest while doing so.

  • Buy the right foundation: Although the rest base can have a longer useful life than the mattress, it is important to note that placing the mattress on a base that is not suitable for the type of mattress will reduce overall flexibility, comfort and durability.
  • Turn and/or flip: The action our body makes, nightly, on the area of ​​the mattress on which it rests causes it to lose and change, worsening the quality of our rest. To prevent damage, it is necessary to open and/or flip the mattress. There are some models that only need a 180º turn every 12 months, others require that they be switched every 3 months … Checking with your salesperson which is the most recommended for your model is the smartest thing to do.
  • Change: With use and the passage of time, the quality and resistance of mattresses suffer. According to the Spanish Bed Association, the useful life of a mattress is approximately 10 years. After this time, or earlier if you find an important anomaly, it is necessary to change it.

Mattress Cleaning

Essential hygiene is important both to keep the mattress in good condition and to sleep well. The accumulation of mites and other harmful germs can cause allergies, skin problems and other pathologies. Adopting a cleaning routine, as we will propose below, is key to avoiding it.

  • Use covers: When buying a mattress, choose removable covers or use a breathable mattress protector or cover. Why breathe In order for the air to circulate naturally, it does not damage the mattress and does not stick to the body, giving an unpleasant sensation.
  • Airs daily: Before making the bed, remove the blanket and sheets and open the bedroom window for 5-10 minutes to let it out. Take advantage of a shower or breakfast in the meantime.
  • Wash the bed weekly: At least once a week the bedding needs to be changed. Washing it regularly will help keep mites and bacteria out, ensuring the durability of the mattress.
  • Vacuum the mattress weekly: Taking advantage of changing sheets and before placing the clean sheet, let the mattress stand for a while and vacuum it to remove dust, mites and other accumulated particles.
  • Clean possible stains: In the event that the mattress is stained, clean the stains as quickly as possible with a cloth soaked in a little water and neutral soap. Use hydrogen peroxide for blood stains and bicarbonate for urine stains to absorb dirt and odour.

Mattress maintenance tasks may not be familiar to you, were we mistaken? However, in Sydney, we consider it not painful for them to worry about what is at stake our rest and our money. Because enjoying a restful sleep and saving money by extending the useful life of our mattress is possible with these simple tasks that cost us little or nothing to apply.