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How to Repair Burn Marks in Carpet High-quality carpet is a wise investment that can last many years if maintained properly. Frequent vacuuming, regular steam cleaning, and immediate attention to accidents and spills can keep your carpet looking stylish for a long time. But even under the best of circumstances, mishaps happen, and while most new rugs have stains embedded in the fibres, how do you go about fixing a burn? For Minor Burns, A pair of sharp scissors may be all it takes to repair a carpet burn mark, say from a dropped cigarette or a spicy match. Put your hands and knees down and separate the burnt fibres, cutting away one burnt strand at a time. This method works best on carved rugs, as the fibres are already of various lengths, but also on soft rugs, if the area you are cutting is not very large, you can mix the finger-cut strands with the brush and blending the cut strands with the longer ones. However, if the area is too large for this method, you need to collect the consumables listed below and repair the damaged area. Carpet Repair Supplies To repair multiple areas of burnt carpet, you will need a sharp utility knife or a circular cutting tool designed to remove small areas of the damaged carpet.

Additionally, you’ll need double-sided tape and seam adhesive, as well as a pair of sturdy scissors and a fine-tipped black marker. Turn both pieces over at the same time and use the marker to trace the shape of the damaged piece on the back of the rest. You will need a remainder large enough to replace the damaged part of the carpet. If you don’t have a rest you will need to cut a section from a closet or other inconspicuous area. If the carpet appears dirty than the rest, clean the area first so that the repair is less noticeable. 

Repair procedure:

1. Before making any cuts, line up the rest so that the nap is in the same direction as the pile of the carpet on the floor. If the nap does not match, the repair will be very noticeable. 

2. Use your cutting tool or utility knife to cut the burnt section of carpet, being careful not to cut into the padding underneath. Place the damaged cutout on top of the rest, lining up the nap. Then, without realigning the direction of each piece of carpet, place the damaged piece under the rest.

3. Use your cutting tool to cut out the piece of remainder along the marked line. Check the fit and alignment of the rest of the patch by holding it over the cut section of the carpet. 

4. Apply a small amount of seam adhesive along the edge of the hole that was cut in the carpet to prevent the fibres from fraying. Apply double-sided tape to the back of the patch and add a small amount of adhesive along the edges of the patch. 

5. Set the patch in place and press down firmly. Place a stack of books or a heavy flat object on top of the patch until the adhesive dries completely; refer to the label for drying times. After it’s dry, use your fingers to blend the fibres around the patch seam.