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There are times when you lay a carpet but it slips off quickly, or the edge of the carpet turns over and your feet get caught. From easy fixing methods to prevent the carpet from moving to professional construction methods, here we will introduce fixing methods to prevent the carpet from turning over or slipping.

The Larger the Carpet, the less likely it is to Slip due to Friction and Weight.

If you lay a carpet throughout the room and have large furniture such as a table or sofa on it, it will rarely slip, but if you want to fix carpet wrinkles further, there are several ways to do it.

The carpet can be firmly fixed to the floor by using the gripper method or the direct attachment method.

Even with the same carpet, if the size is smaller, such as a centre rug or entrance mat, it may move together when vacuuming. In that case, use a handy suction tape or non-slip sheet to prevent it from slipping.

The Back Material Suitable for Fixing is Jute

Let’s check the back of the carpet.

Just as wool and nylon are the front materials of carpets, the back materials vary from carpet to carpet. The main back materials include non-woven fabrics, jute, PVC and special fibres.

When the carpet is constructed by the gripper method or the direct attachment method, it is best to use a jute material on the backside.

On the other hand, when placing directly on flooring or tatami mats, non-woven fabric is less likely to scratch the floor. For direct placement, we recommend using non-slip sheets or carpet fixing tape.

Secure with tape

Recommended for centre rugs and mats! Easy way to fix carpet

Double-Sided Tape

For the double-sided tapes for carpets, we recommend the ones with different adhesive strengths on the back and front. It is gentle on the floor and adheres firmly to the carpet, making it difficult to slip.

Adsorption Tape

Since the backside is an adsorption material, it does not remain on the floor. The anti-slip effect makes it difficult for the rug mat to slip off. Some items can be washed with the mat, so it’s easy to clean.

Non-Slip Sheet

It is a very easy fixing method that uses a non-woven fabric or a sheet on the net that is simply sandwiched between a slippery floor such as flooring and a carpet.

If it is partially laid directly on the flooring, such as in the living room, rug carpet in the children’s room, or entrance mat, it will often slip off.

Carpets are originally effective as an item to prevent falls, which is the most common in household accidents, so you can easily make a non-slip sheet to prevent your feet from slipping and falling or getting your feet caught in the edges of the carpet. It is recommended to utilize such as.

Secure with a Bond

Direct Pasting Method

It is a method of sticking directly to the floor using a bond.

The surface is finished flat and frictional resistance is reduced, so durability is improved, and there are almost no wrinkles or terms after construction, and the finish is beautiful.

When constructing on stairs, considering safety, the direct pasting method that does not produce term is suitable.

The bond used is generally latex-based.

Monobond Method

A felt with a thickness of about 5 mm called a mono slab is laid between the base floor and the carpet, and the base floor and the mono slab, and the mono slab and the carpet are all fixed with a monoband adhesive.

The surface is flat and beautifully finished, but there are few contractors and it costs more than the gripper method and the direct sticking method, so it seems that the monoband method is rarely used in Sydney.

Gripper Method

The carpet is pulled by a tool and hooked on square lumber with nails called a gripper.

Since it uses special tools, it is difficult to do DIY, and most of the work is done by a professional contractor. It’s easier to replace than the one fixed with a bond because you just hook the carpet and fasten it.

The perfect size carpet is the best!

If you make a custom carpet according to the size and shape of the room, you can live a comfortable carpet life with almost no worry about slippage or curling.

Bespoke carpets are often thought to be expensive, but they can be almost the same as the cost of laying tile carpets on large rugs or large surfaces.

With RESTA’s custom carpets, you can also request the production of carpets with complicated shapes such as unevenness and circles online!

Adsorption tape or double-sided tape is the most stress-free and recommended method for laying carpets that match the shape of the room and as an auxiliary fixing tool.