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The curtains and draperies are fundamental to give beauty and balance to a room. They are furnishing accessories, because they have the task of embellishing the windows, giving character and style to the environment. At the same time, they are essential to guarantee the right level of privacy by protecting us from prying eyes.

The cleaning of the curtains must be a periodic operation, to be carried out at least during the spring cleaning, or in the change of seasons. Here are some useful tips for washing curtains in the washing machine without making mistakes and ruining the fabrics.

To ensure that their appearance is always fresh and pleasant, it is necessary to regularly curtains cleaning. 

How to Clean Curtains and Drapes 

The maintenance of curtains and drapes can also be carried out alone, however, you must pay close attention to the type of fabric and the type to which the model belongs. 

The solutions in cotton, linen and synthetic materials can be washed alone without problems, while it is good to contact cleaning companies to clean velvet or silk curtains. The same goes for large curtains that are difficult to manage.

Before putting the curtains in the washing machine, you need to know what material they are made of. Not all fabrics are suitable for this type of washing. The curtains usually found in homes can be in linen, silk, cotton or other synthetic fabrics. Knowing the material not only tells us if they are machine washable or not but also determines at how many degrees the washing must be set. Before proceeding, remove any hooks supporting the curtains to prevent them from coming off during washing and damaging the washing machine.

Cleaning the Curtains with Steam

Many professional cleaners Choosing the steam cleaner for curtain cleaning service with steam means making an ecological and effective choice since in addition to excluding the use of chemicals and harmful to the environment, the steam doesn’t need plastic boxes to be deployed later.

Furthermore, steam washing is one of the most sanitizing and degreasing cleaning techniques, also excellent for those suffering from allergies to pollen and dust mites.

All you need is a steam engine and a ladder. Then close the curtains to form a single surface and, at this point, you can choose whether to use the direct jet or the brush supplied.

It is good to proceed from top to bottom. The jet must be at a distance of 10-15 centimetres from the fabric in order not to damage the surface and not to create condensation on the glass. The brush, on the other hand, can be passed directly on the fabric as the steam is more diffused.

Once you have finished cleaning, make sure they are dry before re-opening the curtains completely.

How to Remove Stains

To remove stains from curtains and curtains, especially if they are large and resistant stains, caused by oil or wine, it is best to contact cleaning companies or specialized laundries, as they are difficult to remove.

For less stubborn stains, on the other hand, you can use Marseille soap, gently rub the affected area, let the curtains soak for 20 minutes and wash them in the washing machine. Adding baking soda helps get rid of bad smells like nicotine. 

For coloured curtains, it is advisable to add a little vinegar, to better fix the colours and make them last a long time. In case of stubborn stains, it is possible to intervene on coloured fabrics with a solution consisting of the juice of two fresh lemons, a glass of white wine vinegar and three tablespoons of coarse salt.

To bring out the light curtains and effectively wash the white curtains, just add five tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, perborate or soak them in a basin with warm water, Marseille soap, two tablespoons of bicarbonate and half a lemon squeezed.

Once they are well impregnated with the mixture, rinse thoroughly and then release the curtains to soak for a few minutes with the addition of fabric softener. Finally, the curtains should be squeezed and spread.

How often to Clean the Curtains 

The cleaning and washing of curtains must periodically take place. Every 10-15 days it is necessary to pass the curtains with a vacuum cleaner with the suction nozzle to eliminate dust. The periods between one cleaning and the next must be reduced during the winter season because switching on the heating increases the presence of dust.