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Regular maintenance and cleaning preparation.

Every day or two, remove dust from your carpet using a stick or canister vacuum, especially if it is located under the dining table or in the living room. Above all, vacuum before cleaning the carpet, dry or wet, for optimal efficiency. All rugs should be washed thoroughly at least once a year. Don’t just clean a stain, but wash the carpet completely to avoid stains. Finally, carefully read the instructions for any product used and carry out a preliminary test on an inconspicuous part of the carpet.

Dry clean your carpet yourself!

Dry-cleaning a carpet is recommended before any other solution because it is the least risky method.

  • Clean your carpet in a separate room or protect your leather or fabric sofa.
  • Take baking soda, a soft brush, and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Start by spreading the baking soda powder all over the carpet. Distribute and rub in circular motions with the brush.
  • Leave on overnight.
  • The next morning, vacuum using the brush attachment.

This method is effective in loosening and removing odors. Sometime soil can also be used.

Clean a carpet with soapy water or carpet cleaner!

Moderately soiled or unstained rugs can be washed in soapy water. You can use black soap or dish soap. To clean a carpet with soapy water, use a soft sponge dampened with soap and water. Rub gently. The carpet should not be excessively wet, otherwise, it will have a hard time drying. Rinse with a damp microfiber cloth. Dry as much as possible with a terry towel or with a hairdryer in medium position, then let air dry. There are also carpet cleaner sprays or sprays. Some products need to be rinsed off with water while others need to be vacuumed after drying. Refer to the instructions on the bottle.

How to clean a very dirty carpet?

You can clean a very dirty carpet yourself, especially its value is not very important. Here are some recipes:

  • Mix 500 ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of lukewarm water, and 2 tablespoons of washing-up liquid.
  • Let 1 cup of soda crystals dissolved in 1 liter of water.
  • Prepare a mixture of 2/3 cold water and 1/3 ammonia. Effective, ammonia can be irritating. Protect your eyes and hands.

All these mixtures should be applied with a soft sponge, then rinsed with a damp cloth. Wring out with a terry towel, and let dry. Leave on for more efficiency.

Wash a carpet thoroughly.

Choosing a professional to clean your carpet is probably what will allow you to wash it the most thoroughly. But how do you clean a carpet on your own with a similar result? There are carpet cleaners or shampooers for this that help treat stains while removing dust at the same time. Initially, this device will propel hot water jets with power. Grime and stains will easily disappear. Anything that has come off will then be immediately sucked up. So there is no residue left on your carpet. And you can also use this machine for your sofa, your mattress or your armchairs. In addition, another device may be useful for cleaning a carpet. It is the steam cleaner, perfect for a clean interior.

Use a steam cleaner!

A steam cleaner is an efficient tool that can clean many different surfaces, other than carpets, using little or no detergent. To clean a carpet with a steam cleaner, all you have to do is fill the tank with hot or cold water, and wait for the appliance to bring the water temperature to 120 ° C. Water vapor is a formidable enemy of stains. Combined with the brush tip, it cleans the carpet in depth. After a few passes over the entire surface of the carpet, without walking on it, rinse with clean water with a damp cloth. Let dry then vacuum your carpet.

Delicate rugs.

Some carpets need special attention.

  • To clean a shaggy, long-fiber rug, you should avoid heavy brushing, copious amounts of water, and steam cleaning. Instead, opt for dry cleaning.
  • Some carpet cleaners are not suitable for wool rugs. Consult the packaging before use. But you can still clean a woolen carpet by rubbing it with a cloth impregnated with soapy water and vinegar or ammonia. Take a test on a hidden part.
  • Silk rugs can be washed in soapy water. But if the rug is very valuable or you have any doubts, seek professional advice.