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To learn how to clean a couch, you need to know about the material it is made of. For fabric couch, such as linen and velvet, just mix water and white vinegar. For suede couch, a little mild detergent and warm water work wonders! So, first, check the fabric of the sofa on the label and proceed to proper cleaning.

Although there are several mixed possibilities to clean couch, we have separated some main ones that serve for a great part of the material produced for the upholstery. Keeping the couch always sanitized is taking care of your health, since very dirty fabrics accumulate dust, hair, mites and, eventually, even bacteria.

If what you are looking for is a quick and efficient cleaning for your day today, the best option is to use an aerosol dry fabric cleaner. You don’t need to wipe it with a damp cloth afterwards or dry it. Below are other methods of cleaning the couch according to the material.

Is it possible to clean the couch at home?

Many people think that it is only possible to clean the couch in a professional way, that is, by calling a specialized company, but that is not quite the case. You can effectively clean with products and items you have at home.

In addition to saving money for professional cleaning, you can do it more often, which ensures cleaner furniture. But for that, you need to know the correct way to clean, taking into account some factors, such as the sofa material.

Using products that are not compatible with the fabric, for example, can result in stains and damage. So, first of all, make sure you use the proper substances so you don’t get a headache afterwards.

Always read the couch cleaning instructions before applying any product or method. They are usually on a label on the inside or underneath. If you can’t find it, contact the manufacturer and ask for directions. This is important so that there are no problems with your mobile.

Your gonna need it::

  • sprayer
  • white vinegar
  • Neutral detergent
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Alcohol
  • Fabric softener

Learn how to clean fabric couch with vinegar

Here are three steps to clean your couch conveniently and efficiently using vinegar. If you don’t have it, no problem there are several possibilities to clean fabric couch.

Mix water and vinegar: To clean the fabric couch, mix 1 litre of warm water and 250 ml of white vinegar.

-Wipe a damp cloth: Dip a clean cloth into this mixture, wring it out well, and wipe it across the entire surface of the couch.

-Let it dry: Let the fabric couch dry in an airy place.

See how cleaning suede Couch is easy

The suede has a more velvety touch, but there are specific ways to clean the Couch to make the Couch shinier and maintain its satin appearance. Ah! If you don’t know how to remove suede Couch stains, you can also follow this same step by step.

-Mix water and detergent: In a bowl, add 8 drops of neutral detergent to 250 ml of warm water. Mix until foaming.

-Rub the Stains: Dip a soft-bristled brush into the solution and rub the stains on the suede Couch. Make smooth, circular motions.

-Dry the Couch: Finally, use a well-wrung damp cloth to remove excess detergent. Dry with a clean, dry cloth.

How to make a mixture to clean Couch

See what ingredients you need to make a mix to clean the Couch of bad odours:

-Separate the ingredients: 1 litre of water, 250ml of alcohol, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 500ml of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of fabric softener.

-Mix everything in a spray bottle: Add all ingredients into a clean spray bottle using a funnel.

-Apply on the Couch: Spray the homemade solution at a distance of at least 40 cm from the Couch. You don’t want to wear it too close so you don’t make the fabric excessively wet. Apply sparingly and allow to dry.

This tip is ideal for removing the bad smell from the furniture due to the accumulation of dirt, humidity and even sweat. If you are looking for how to remove the smell of pee from the Couch, we recommend using vinegar to make the Couch smelly again.

How to clean a Couch with baking soda and fabric softener

-Dust off: With the vacuum cleaner, clean the upholstery of your Couch or armchair well. It is very important to dust off the furniture frequently to prevent the accumulation of dirt, especially on furniture that requires dry cleaning or before applying any cleaning product.

-Prepare the Mixture: In the spray bottle, add water, alcohol, baking soda, vinegar and fabric softener. Mix well until smooth.

-Spray on Couch: With the spray bottle at a distance of about 50 cm from the Couch, armchair or chair, spray some of the mixtures onto the upholstery.

-Rub and dry: Using the dry microfiber cloth, lightly rub the upholstery where the mixture was sprayed to dry thoroughly.

Unglue excess slime from the Couch: If a large piece of slime is stuck to the fabric Couch, take a spatula and try to scrape off the excess. If it’s too soft, run an ice cube over it until it hardens. So you can even pull the slime with your fingers.

-Make a mixture of water and soap: To remove the slime stain, just dilute a little liquid laundry soap in hot water.

Rub the stain with a brush: With the help of a brush, gently scrub the slime stain. Don’t use too much force or long movements. That way, you don’t risk ruining the upholstery or spreading slime.

-Rinse the stain: Now that you’ve removed the slime from the Couch, wipe it off with a damp cloth with hot water and wipe off the excess soap. Let it dry in an airy place.

If you have children at home, you’ve certainly had to peel slime off the Couch, clothes, furniture and the wall. Although fun, the extra work when cleaning pays off. And don’t worry: this removal method is very effective!

How do you know if kitchen and bathroom surfaces have been disinfected? they smell good they look shiny has no stains.

Take care of stains

If it’s like this with clothes, it’s no different with upholstery: the sooner you treat stains, the easier it will be to remove them. Fresh stains are always much easier to remove. Therefore, when stains appear on the surface of your upholstery, try to clean them immediately.

Remove dust

With or without a removable cover, it is recommended to vacuum the Couch, armchairs and chairs once a week, to prevent the dust from adhering to the fabric fibres and the foam in the upholstery.

See how cleaning Couchs isn’t a seven-headed beast? Remember that if the furniture is very dirty, a professional Couch cleaner Sydney is the best option — since they have specific machines and products for deeper dry cleaning of Couchs.

Then, just use the tips you learned with Cleaning equipment Sale on how to wash leather Couch, velvet and other fabrics, to keep it clean and smelling for much longer!