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Specializing in new, used and ex-hire sweepers and scrubbers

Cleaning Equipment Sale (CES) is Australia's leading online supplier of new and used sweepers, scrubbers, and cleaning accessories. cleaning equipment sale offers all customers personal advice and support, applying their in-depth knowledge of sweepers, scrubbers, and maintenance solutions for specific applications.

 We are Australia’s leading independent supplier of:

  • New sweepers and new scrubbers for industrial and commercial purposes
  • Vacuum cleaners, steam cleaning machinery, and carpet and upholstery apparatus
  • Road sweepers, combination sweeping scrubbing units
  • Fully-refurbished used sweepers and used scrubbers
  • Used and second-hand cleaning equipment, such as burnishers, buffers, polishers, and floor strippers


If you are not sure about what cleaning machine you need have a look at these videos and use the information as guidance when selecting a new cleaning product from CES. These are only samples of the types available.

Sit on sweeper

Ride-On Sweepers/ Sit On Sweepers

Steam cleaning machine

Steam Cleaning Machine

Commercial vacuum machine

Commercial Vacuums

Sweepers and scrubbers for all commercial purposes

Cleaning Equipment Sale staff have been supplying reliable new and used scrubbers and sweepers to Australian businesses for years. We have cleaning solutions for different properties, surfaces, and purposes, including new scrubbers and sweepers for airports, shopping centers, car parks, and supermarkets.

No matter where you require cleaning, we will find the perfect solution for you – whether you need large, industrial sweepers or scrubbers for smaller factory spaces.


Clean any surface

Our friendly team can help you find new scrubbers or sweepers to clean any surface. There is equipment to quickly and easily clean oil, with new scrubbers for tar, gravel, and concrete, soft-bristled scrubbers for tiles, marble, wood, and vinyl, and new sweepers to remove stains and grout for all types of carpet and fabric.

Our Carpet repair Sydney equipment will surely help you to bring your life back to its original position.

The biggest and most reliable brands


We stock a massive range of new sweepers and new scrubbers, from the biggest brands and manufacturers in the world. We offer a fantastic selection and the best value for money, whether it’s a Florentine scrubber or compact Nilfisk range of new sweepers

Choose from these leading brands:

  • Nilfisk
  • Fiorentini
  • Pacvac
  • Biosteam 
  • IPC Gansow
  • Kerrick
  • Nilfisk Advance
  • Nilfisk Alto
  • American Lincoln
  • Gerni
  • WGB Manufacturing
  • Pioneer Ecplise

Check out our range of used scrubbers and sweepers

Cleaning Equipment Sale also supplies a fantastic range of used sweepers and used scrubbers from leading manufacturers. All second-hand products and equipment is fully restored and in perfect, working condition, so you’re gaining the same quality brands and models with all used sweepers and used scrubbers at a more cost-effective price for your business.

Save money with Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

PPM is recommended for all new and used scrubbers and sweepers, to save your business time and money in the long term. cleaning equipment sale can help you create a maintenance program that comfortably suits your budget, to ensure that all new and used sweepers and scrubbers receive regular cleaning and repair.

Contact us today!

We are independent of any cleaning machinery manufacturer, which means customers receive an unbiased opinion on the best solution for their needs. We take the time to understand your situation and offer the best new sweepers and scrubbers.

Browse our range of new scrubbers, new sweepers and second-hand equipment online, to find exactly what you are looking for. If you require assistance, or need a product that is not in our catalogue, contact us directly. Our friendly team will assess your individual needs and help you find new sweepers or new scrubbers to suit your budget.

Contact us for a no obligation quote.